Decency, Honour, and Pure Tolerence are words which come to mind when you remember the Baiga village near Maikal Hills. Visit to local Baiga village is must when you stay with us at Camp Dev Vilas . You would feel that magic spell is casted and time was stopped in these villages centuries ago. Thus what you breathe there is openness and nature – Something which you will take back to the hustle bustle of the city. The instant sense of relaxation would take you over in your office seat. This great sense of calmness is infectious and people would ask you the secret. That’s what happens when you are connected to Mother Nature.The most fascinating part of Baiga tribe was their hospitality, they have one gift – gently and voicelessly teach us how important is the nature and its balance. How Nature is capable to support, protect, nurture and bring smile to our lips.
Baigas have always lived Semi-nomadic life and travel distances to get the food. Baigas have been able to live upto the Nature’s expectation of defending Kanha Jungle and Maikal hills.
Gonds live all over central India, and in the states of Maharashtra and Orissa. As "hill people," they traditionally have been associated with hills and uplands in the Deccan Peninsula. A visit to Gond Tribe village would undoubtedly fill you up with Culture, Language and Costumes. Their folklore is filled with stories of bravery about their Heroic Deeds and fights to save their land. I call them Ballads.
Their folk is always in their local languages which is Gondi – language which has considerable amount of Dravidian influence. If you are lucky you would get their local specialty Kutkee – a kind of millet served during your food. Gond Art like Tiger is getting rare and impressive. Every Gond painting on the walls of Gond’s houses is made with a belief that Good Image is precursor to Good Luck and Clean thinking. This inherent belief led the Gonds to decorate their houses and the floors with traditional tattoos and motifs.

We at Camp Dev Vilas in Kanha works very closely with Education, employment and making these villages self-sufficient. In the same context we have recently adopted a  government run middle school at Gorakhpur Kareli Village, closer to camp.  Do feel free to ask for a visit to one of th baiga houses close to camp whenever you are there next.