Visit once and fall in love forever. An uncontrollable desire to return again and again. A tranquillity that captures ones heart and dwells there forever. The beauty of Kanha begins right from the start of your excursion as you leave Jabalpur. The journey itself gives you a glimpse of what you are about to witness.As you ride past the lush grasslands, the road offers you with many of its serene picturesque views. Every turn has a new horizon to offer and every sight one more moment to capture.

As if the ride was not enough, Kanha brings with itself an experience one of its kind. The silence is so deep and the view is so spellbinding that it accomplishes to touch that cord of your being which has long been neglected by the hustle in your lives.

The untouched beauty of the place captivates your heart as it slowly unravels the pages of its essence with each passing moment. A haven away from home, Kanha not only is a delight for the Wildlife photographers but also for Astro photography. As the fauna offers you with its exquisite wildlife, the cosmic comes up with its innumerable constellations.

The forest flaunts its prized possessions in the form of Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Barasinghas, Chital- the spotted deers, Samba, Jackals, Indian Bison, Nilgai, Four horned antelopes, Pangolins, Civets cats and much more.

Not leaving behind the airborne, it also caters to bird gazers with the likes of Peafowl, Jungle fowl, Partridge, Quail and many more like the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, White Rumped Shama, White Bellied Drongo and the Spangled Drongo.

Sky gazing can also prove quite therapeutic as you watch the sun vanish and the darkness engulf the place. The stars come up dazzling with full galore making us realize their magnificence and humbling us a little more. And if you get your lunar calendar right, you might also be lucky to witness the galaxy we are a part of- The Milky Way.

The love that the place has to offer does not cease here. The tiniest bit of life makes a constant effort to make your experience a memorable one. The fireflies on a dark night can tickle your imagination as they lit up a tree and make it sparkle.

Long walks, soothing greens, grazing cattles, ponds, river and meadows offering a perfect picnic spot- Kanha is a place for new beginnings, achieving closures, consummating long pending books or picking up a brush to paint your imagination. An experience that only the heart can capture and a soul can feel.