Important areas in Mukki Range, Kanha

OURAI : : Between years 1974 to 1976 many tribal villages have been shifted out of the park. Ourai was one of them. This place is good for herbivores like Barasingha, Sambhar Deer spotted Deer and Bison. The chances to see Tiger & Leopard are good. Distance from Mukki to Ourai is 1 kms.

Kanha National Park is divided under 4 zones namely Mukki, Kanha, Kisli, and Sarhi zones.

This old village site has been shifted out between 1973 to 1975. Now this place has develop into a beautiful grass land with ample of water and emerging into a favorite converging point for herbivores like Sambhar deer, spotted deer, wild boars etc. This place attracts water birds. This place also has a very good chance for Tiger as well as Leopard sighting due to good herbivore population and water in the area. Distance from Mukki to Bishanpura is 11 kms.

This road is in a‘D’ Shape and the name of this road is kept on the name of Mr. Dukes’ a scientist who has done research on Swamp deer. The chance of seeing Tigers and Leopards in this area is quite well. Distance from Mukki to Dukes Road is 10 kms.

This village site was shifted in the year 1974 and has been converted into a beautiful grass land. Distance from Mukki gate is 6kms.

Like many other tribal villages Sondar was also shifted out between 1973 to 1976. The significance of the place is Sondar water tank, a good water body, from which it aquired the name. Sondar tank attracts a lots of wild animals and Barasingha can be easily sighted there feeding on aquatic plants. This place attracts lots of water birds and there is good chance of seeing Tiger and Leopard during summer time. Distance from Mukki to Sondar is 8 km.

An expert hunter and Guide named Lapsi is set to have been killed at this spot in 1930. Kabar is local name for a grave. The legend has it that Lapsi was accompanying some sports men in the jungle when he had a close encounter with the Tiger. Distance from Mukki to Lasi Kabar is 10kms

This water body attracts a variety of birds. It is frequented by many spices of animals and there is high probability of seeing a Tiger or a Leopard here. Distance from Mukki to Babathenga is 12kms.

This is a small but a good water body which attracts lots of herbivores like Sambhar ,Chital, Barking Deer, Wild Boar and Bison. The chances are very good for Tiger and Leopard sighting, as it has a good brricade from the tourist trainl, hence it is not easy to see animals in this water body, but around the water body one can the movement of the animals. It has some good shade due to nearby trees, and Tiger and Leopards commonly come and wait in the shade area for their prey. Distance from Mukki to Umarjhola is 9kms.

It is one of the highest plateau in the Kanha Tiger reserve and during the british Raj this area was also used as a air strip to land the Britishers who landed here to do safaris and game hunting. It offers a beautiful panorama of the plains of Mukki, Ourai, Ghorella and Bishanpura. The drive from Sharvan tal to Bamnidadar is a very good experience of jungle excursions. Distance from Mukki to Bamnidadar is 15kms

Important Areas in Kanha Range

Kanha meadows are perhaps the best place to view wild life. They are favoured by herbivores and therefore also predators. Here many species of herbivores such as Chital, Barasingha, Sambhar Deer, and Gaur can be seen either grazing or passing through on there way to the water hole and Tiger, Leopard or wild dogs may be lurking in the near by thickets. Distance from Mukki to Kanha Meadows is 23kms.

This small earth bund tank in the central Kanha meadows is mythologically linked to the death of the legendary Sharvan Kumar at the hands of King Dasharatha (father of Lord Rama). Kind Dashratha was hunting game, when he heard some sound in nearby bushes, and he thought it to be some game shot an arrow in the direction, it turned out to eb Shravan, he died. His blind parents then cursed King Dashratha that he also will undergo lot of sorrow as his son will be destined to leave him. Ramayana the great Hindu epic was thus born. It is a very important water body in the area which attracts a lot of wild animals. Distance from Mukki to Shravan Tal is 24kms.

Sharavan Kumar a dutiful son and the embodiment of total filial dedication is set to have been cremated (chita is local name for a dead body) at this place about 5000 years back, the soil colours are strikingly different from its immediate surroundings and this adds to the mystery of the myth. The spot can be seen from a distance while moving on the Bamnidadar – Keraghat road. Distance from Mukki to Shravan Chita is 35kms.

This place is located at the park head quarters in Kanha village, it contains fascinating, well conceived exhibits relating to the entire eco system and its fauna and flora. The museum complex consist of seven rooms distributed between two buildings. The museum opens daily at 0700hrs and remain accessible to the visitor during the excursion hours throughout the day. Distance from Mukki to Kanha museum is 25kms

Important areas in Kisli Range

This comes in Kisli range and is located at a high altitude in the park. Digdola names has been kept because in this route there is rock which is nicely balanced. In this route also there is good chance of seeing Tiger, sloth bear and Leopard. distance from mukki to Digdola is 37kms.

This is the abandoned site of the first forest village to be shifted out of the park in the year 1973. The place attracted a few Barasingha initially and later on proved to be an excellent restoration site for the dwindling numbers of the Barasingha .The area today is as good as kanha meadows for viewing wild life such as Chital, Sambhar, Wild Boars , Jackal and occasionally Wild Dog, Bison and Tiger. Distance from Mukki to Sonf meadow is 35kms.

There is a story about the place that one Bhagwan Prasad Patel a forest guard of the Koper - Dabri camp had come back from forest and had his supper with his two game watchers and was lying down in his cot. Suddenly he heard the breaking end crashing of tree branches and bamboo frame works and the jingling of heavy chains. It was a small herd of departmental elephants consisting of two females and their calves led by the whimsical Tuskar Shivaji who was reported to be in must for the past few weeks. Patel consoled the frightened game watcher, but the watchers moved into the jungle .The elephants were now inside the little courtyard and were trying to pull down the roof of the camp. Patel immediately ran away from there and try to reach the sal tree and scramble up to a safe height on a tree the elephant caught up with him, and pulled him down and trampled him death. Patel's wife is now a forest guard in the department. Distance from Mukki to Koperdabri is 35kms.

Important areas in Sarhai Range

*This is new part of the park which has been open recently in the year 2008.*

This place attracts blue Bull, Chowsingha, and varieties of beautiful birds. The forest of Sarai region does not have much of Sal trees, so the look of the forest is some how different from other range of the park. There is a good chance of seeing Tiger as well as Leopard. Distance from Mukki to Silpura meadow is 45kms.