In a terrain dominated by Sal and Bamboo forests,  Camp Dev Vilas is situated a pleasant twenty-minute drive away from the entrance gate at Mukki, in Village Kareli. We have Ten permanent cottages at Camp Dev Vilas that are spread over 11 acres of terraced grasslands among Mahaua trees. All the cottages aim to offer modern comforts in a rugged rural setting. Rooms are fitted with all basic modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay at the camp for its guests.


The property has a large water body at the entrance which is filled by streams flowing from a nearby buffer forest. The resident amphibians keep the avian fauna interested and you can see Kingfishers and other aquatic birds frequenting the area. Our three-acre private forest adjoining the Khapa Buffer forest is an ideal place for enjoying long walks, cycling in the woodlands, watching birds and much more. To enrich the experience a naturalist can be arranged for accompanying you.


While the primary objective is to spend maximum time in forests, much more can be done apart from safaris. Long walks, birding trails, visit a nearby village and interaction with locals, visit the weekly haat bazaar where locals gather to buy items for their daily needs, enjoying some quiet quality 'me' time at the pond, completing a long pending book or simply sipping a hot cup of tea/coffee at the Banjar river gazing the flora and fauna, are some other things that you can enjoy doing.

Evenings are a perfect time to mingle with fellow travellers staying at the camp. The Kathal tree close to the pond, a regular venue of evening sit outs & bonfires, has been a silent witness to many interesting conversations and moments. The earthen cooking stoves close to bonfire ensure that there is enough food to flow for satisfying your taste buds while plenty of food for thought ensures satiety for the mind. Winters is an ideal time to relish on some authentic Indian households recipes which have still not lost their charm. Most of the vegetables & other ingredients used in meals are sourced from our own organic garden ensuring the quality and authenticity of taste.


Sky gazing can also prove quite therapeutic as you watch the sun vanish and the darkness engulfs the place. The stars come up dazzling with full galore making us realize their magnificence and humbling us a little more. And if you get your lunar calendar right, you might also be lucky to witness the galaxy we are a part of- The Milky Way. The fireflies on a dark night can tickle your imagination as they light up a tree and make it sparkle.


The camp is Run & managed by Mr Anurag Sharma popularly known as Tigerwalah who left his flourishing corporate career to pursue his interest in forests and wildlife especially tigers. After a successful stint of 10 years with a leading multinational bank in India he decided to turn his passion into profession. A wildlife enthusiast himself, Anurag has been actively involved in tiger monitoring & identification activities and spends more than 600 hours in the forest each season . His excellent tracking skills and understanding of wild animals over the years has made him a most sought after safari companion for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

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